• All Shabbat powder cosmetics must be pre-scraped before Shabbat. Using a metal comb will keep the powder silky.
  • All scraping must be a powdery consistency. You can only work from scrapings.
  • All Shabbat cosmetics are to be applied with the appropriate brushes, using a separate brush for each color.
  • Using Q-tips, fingers, or sponge applicators is not permissible.
  • Each color needs its own brush, i.e., you may not use one brush to put on two different colors of eyeshadow.
  • Mixing or blending of powders to produce a new color is not permitted before Shabbat or on Shabbat.
  • The face and lips must be dry and free of color before applying the cosmetics on Shabbat.
  • While it is permissible to place layer after layer of the same color during Shabbat, if one wants to use a different color, there cannot be any trace of the first color.